DM Miniflow 400 HSE "3 Motor Servo" Flow Wrapper
DM Miniflow 400 HSE Flow Wrapping Machine


Product Code: UDM400
DM Miniflow 400 HSE


The Miniflow 400 HSE (High Speed Electronic) packaging machine, a model reissued in 2014 (previously mechanical), is a fully electronic, budget-oriented wrapping machine.

It is a small yet versatile machine, with a film band of 380 mm, and can reach production speeds of up to 100 packages / minute*.
* depending on product size.

Proposed at a budget price, it is a concentrate of quality components available on the market.

The machine can package various products: brioches, muffins, candies, chocolates, chocolate bars, pharmaceutical products, gadgets and many more.

  • Conforms to CE regulations
    • Loader: stainless steel AISI 304 (length 1600mm)
    • Product carriers made with non-toxic food grade plastic
    • 3 Brush-less Motors
    • 3 Digital drives
    • 4,7″ Touch screen display with 99memories
    • Film Band 380mm.
    • Film reel holder for centering and locking of the film.
    • Film front loading
    • Adjustable film conveyor (standard )
    • 2 pairs hot and cold rollers for pulling and sealing of the film.
    • Motorized exit belt
    • Cabinet cart with heavy duty casters
    • Electronic temperature controllers for the longitudinal and transversal rollers
    • Motor speed controlled by potentiometer
    • Emergency stop button Start/Stop button, motion inversion button, Manual/Automatic button Cabinets painted in white epoxy powder paint RAL 9010 (standard) : also available in white and white/blue

    • Weight: 300 kg.
    • Power: 3 kw
    • Voltage: 220 V mono-phase
    • Product package:
      • 1 sealing jaw: length min. 80 mm – max 400mm
      • 2 sealing jaws : length 70 mm – max 200 mm
    • Maximum height of product:
      • 1 sealing jaw: 60mm.
      • 2 sealing jaw: 80mm.
    • Sealers length: l60 mm.
    • Film roll: max. width 380 mm.
    • Overall dimensions: mm. 2300 X 800 X H l800
    • Maximum production speed: 80 cycles/min. (could vary, depending on the type of product)

    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Printer date/code ( 3 lines )
    • Thermal transfer printer with touch screen display and included software for printing date / code, lot number, company logos, QR codes and much more .
    • Photocell for centered printing
    • Fixed film conformer
    • “Zig- Zag” blades
    • Euro-slot or hole punch
    • and many more
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