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Pallet Wrapping Machine
Evopac Nobel

The Nobel is an Italian built, excellent quality entry level Pallet Wrapping Machine.
Move from hand wrapping to machine wrapping today and save in both labour cost and film cost!

Main specifications

Stop at 0 positionMechanical brake
3 working cyclesFrequency controller for turntable speed
5 digit displayFrequency controller for carriage speed
AutodiagnosticControl panel specs:

Cycle selection UP or UP/DOWN

Bottom turns

Top turns

Rotation speed (Rpm)

Carriage speed going upwards/downwards [Hz]

Lapse of time between the moment when the wrapper (in the ascent phase) stops detecting the pallet and the actual stop of the table.

Powder coating
Braked turntable at the end of the cycle
Going up/down2 years warranty
Datalogic Custom Photocell for pallet height detection (black loads allowed)
Maximum pallet height 2100 mm

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Pallet Wrapping Machine
EvoPac Darwin

EvoPac Darwin it’s our premium entry level machine. It features a unique telescopic-mast solution, an hig-tech juice that raises up together with the carriage in order to save a lot of space (just 1381 mm height when turned off), to wrap smoother as ever and to give more value for your time! Once ordered, the machine reache your wrapping area already fully assembled and ready to work: just plug and wrap! Fitted with high quality components, EvoPac Darwin can be tailored as you want to meet your requirements.

Main specifications

Maximum height of the pallet: 2250 mm6 working cycles
Loading plate: 1500 mmStorage of 32 end user programs
Maximum loading weight: 1200 kgWrapped pallet counter
Frequency controller for carriage speed managementReceiver for infrared/radio remote control
Frequency controller for turntable speed managementAutodiagnostic
Electromagnetic brake for film stretching3 working modes: semi-manual
fixed height
Photocell for pallet height detection
Safety stop at the base of the carriage
Stop at 0 position2 years warranty

Main options

Power pre-stretch
Power pre-stretch auto cut off system
1650 mm turntable
1800 mm turntable
3000 mm max wrapping height
2000 kg max pallet weight
Weighing System

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