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Used Shanklin F1 Auotmatic Shrink Wrapper
Used Shanklin F1 Auotmatic Shrink Wrapper

This is a very robust fully automatic shrink wrapper.
One owner from new, this machine has recently had a sealing system upgrade.
Shrink tunnel included.

Shanklin F1 Side Sealer shrink wrap product with neat trim seals on three sides of the package, handling even irregular shapes with ease. The inverting heads do not require a precise matching of film width, thus allowing you to run many sizes of packages with only a moderate selection of film widths. F-1 features a belt infeed that accepts intermittently delivered and randomly spaced product, setting the correct spacing by controlling the infeed belt speeds. It can also handle random product length for uninterrupted operation. Capable of wrapping up to 50 packages per minute. F-1 features belt infeed that accepts intermittently delivered and randomly spaced product, setting the correct spacing by controlling the in-feed belt speeds.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Versatile
  • Solid performance
  • Easy to use And Safe
  • Easy Changeover

Shanklin F1 Side Sealer is fully equipped with following safety devices:

  • Emergency stop button instantly stops all machine functions until manually reset
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Air cylinder safety opens end seal jaws
  • Torque limiters on main drive and infeed conveyor
  • Low voltage sensors and actuators
  • Tamper-resistant control

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Used Used Flow Wrapping Machine Lorapack Crima
Used Lorapack Crima GR2 Flow Wrapping Machine

The Lorapack Crima GR2 flow wraaping machine is the perfect entry level bagging / flow wrapping system or back up machine. This machine has a small footprint, is very user friendly and has an adjustable incline on the in feed which means you can feed your product vertically by hand.
It is ideal for Bakery products, fuit and vegtables, industrial products etc.
With an adjustable forming box you can easily switch products and change bag size.
This machine is in excellent working condition. Contact us today for further information on +353 1 2805257 or info@espac.ie
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DM Miniflow 400 HSE Flow Wrapping Machine
DM Miniflow 400 HSE "3 Motor Servo" Flow Wrapper
DM Miniflow 400 HSE

The Miniflow 400 HSE (High Speed Electronic) packaging machine, a model reissued in 2014 (previously mechanical), is a fully electronic, budget-oriented wrapping machine.

It is a small yet versatile machine, with a film band of 380 mm, and can reach production speeds of up to 100 packages / minute*.
* depending on product size.

Proposed at a budget price, it is a concentrate of quality components available on the market.

The machine can package various products: brioches, muffins, candies, chocolates, chocolate bars, pharmaceutical products, gadgets and many more.

  • Conforms to CE regulations
    • Loader: stainless steel AISI 304 (length 1600mm)
    • Product carriers made with non-toxic food grade plastic
    • 3 Brush-less Motors
    • 3 Digital drives
    • 4,7″ Touch screen display with 99memories
    • Film Band 380mm.
    • Film reel holder for centering and locking of the film.
    • Film front loading
    • Adjustable film conveyor (standard )
    • 2 pairs hot and cold rollers for pulling and sealing of the film.
    • Motorized exit belt
    • Cabinet cart with heavy duty casters
    • Electronic temperature controllers for the longitudinal and transversal rollers
    • Motor speed controlled by potentiometer
    • Emergency stop button Start/Stop button, motion inversion button, Manual/Automatic button Cabinets painted in white epoxy powder paint RAL 9010 (standard) : also available in white and white/blue

    • Weight: 300 kg.
    • Power: 3 kw
    • Voltage: 220 V mono-phase
    • Product package:
      • 1 sealing jaw: length min. 80 mm – max 400mm
      • 2 sealing jaws : length 70 mm – max 200 mm
    • Maximum height of product:
      • 1 sealing jaw: 60mm.
      • 2 sealing jaw: 80mm.
    • Sealers length: l60 mm.
    • Film roll: max. width 380 mm.
    • Overall dimensions: mm. 2300 X 800 X H l800
    • Maximum production speed: 80 cycles/min. (could vary, depending on the type of product)

    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Printer date/code ( 3 lines )
    • Thermal transfer printer with touch screen display and included software for printing date / code, lot number, company logos, QR codes and much more .
    • Photocell for centered printing
    • Fixed film conformer
    • “Zig- Zag” blades
    • Euro-slot or hole punch
    • and many more
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Used Hugo Beck fully automatic side sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine

Used Hugo Beck 500 S side sealer available. This is a fully automatic shrink wrapping machine capable of wrapping up to 40 packs per minute!
Supplied refurbished and serviced this machine has many years of wrapping ahead.
Contact us today for further information or to arrange a viewing.
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Used Streamfeeder - High Speed Continuos Feeder
Used Streamfeeder - High Speed Continuos Feeder

Ideal for feeding cards, sachets, printed material etc. at high speeds. Can be intergrated into your packing line or can feed directly into the infeed of your flow wrapping machine or shrink wrapping machine.

Send us your product and we can set the machine up to feed and send a video back to you!
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used flow wrapping machine gasparin

Fully Stainless Steel flow wrapping machine suitable for wrapping many different products (ideal for food based products such as chocolate bars etc.).

1.8m infeed, 40mm product height (may be possible to adjust sealing jaws further), 200mm sealing jaw width.
Print registration for running printed films.
Supplied fully serviced with warranty. Installation and training available if required.
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Fully stainless steel used box motion flow wrapping machine. In immaculate condition as it has seen low volume usage over the past number of years in a clean room environment.
This machine is equipped with many extras such as...

  • Automatic film splicing
  • Sorting infeed conveyor
  • 2 x Markem printers
  • 1x Etipack label applicator
  • 1 x camera for label inspection
  • Auto reject system for empty bags
  • Water cooling above crimp wheels
  • Stabilising belt above crimp wheels
Please contact us for further information.

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Used Rose Forgrove Flow Wrapping Machine

This used Rose Forgrove flow wrapper comes with many extras....

It has a driven film unwind, It has a roller system through the jaws, this ensures that products can never fall down between the sealing knives at this point, It is fitted with a 400 mm sealing jaw (adjustable height sealing jaws). This machine is also fitted with a fully adjustable forming box (height and width). The machine has only ever been used for packing computer software so it is very clean.

This machine also has print registration which means it gives you the option of running printed film going forward.

It is ideal for businesses who wish to wrap some different size products (would be ideal for a small bakery in our opinion).
Please contact us for further information on info@espac.ie

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